Legislative Wrap-Up: Week 1

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I’m happy to report that the first week of this “short session” wasn’t only action-packed, it also delivered a small, yet important, victory for parents with disabilities: Senate passage of SB 1526A.

Bills are moving swiftly through committee and to the floors of each chamber. If one of our legislative priorities would impact your life and you want to share your story, please tell us more using this form.

Legislative Priorities


  • On Friday, the Senate passed SB 1526A. This bipartisan bill will make sure that parents who experience intellectual or developmental disabilities are equal in the eyes of the law. We are particularly grateful to Senators Sarah Gelser and Tim Knopp, and the Senate Committee on Human Services for protecting the rights of parents with disabilities.
  • We submitted testimony in support of the bill on February 6.


  • Another one of our legislative priorities, a bill to expand state government job opportunities to workers with disabilities, moved out of committee to the full Senate. HB 4041 – legislation to create a task force on expanding job opportunities in state government for people with disabilities – received a public hearing this past week and is scheduled for a work session on Tuesday, February 13.


  • On Monday, February 12, the Senate will hold a public hearing on HB 4104, one of our legislative priorities. This is the bill that would guarantee access to insurance coverage for evaluations and hearing aids — making sure that kids with hearing loss have access to the tools that they need to grow their language abilities and interact with their peers. Share your stories.

Week in Review

In this “short session”, bills needed to be scheduled for a work session by Friday the 9th and be moved out of committee by Thursday the 15th. Below is a round-up of many other legislative developments around bills impacting Oregonians with disabilities.


  • HB 4067: Expands the definition of term “child with a disability” for purposes of special education to include children who have developmental delays and who are under 10 years of age.
    • Received a public hearing.
    • Work Session scheduled for February 13.
  • SB 1522: Assures that students receiving special education services who have received modified diploma, may continue to receive those services.
    • Received a public hearing.
    • Work Session scheduled for February 12.

Advanced Directives

  • HB 4135: Makes changes to Oregon’s advance directive law to make it easier to use and sets up a committee to recommend additional changes.
    • Received a public hearing.
    • Work Session scheduled for February 12.
    • We submitted testimony on February 7.

Healthcare Access

  • HJR 0203A: Proposes amendment to the Oregon Constitution establishing an obligation of the state to ensure every resident of state has access to effective, medically appropriate and affordable health care.
    • Passed out of committee to the full House.
  • SB 1549: Requires the continuation of medical assistance for a year following admission to state hospital.
    • Pubic hearing scheduled for February 12.

Personal Support/Home Care Workers

  • SB 1534: Requires the Department of Human Services to establish minimum training standards for home care workers and personal support workers and to provide training.
    • Received a public hearing.
    • Work Session scheduled for February 13.
    • We submitted testimony on February 6.

Abuse Reporting

  • SB 1540A: Modifies the definition of child abuse and the scope of abuse of adults receiving mental health services for purpose of mandatory reporting.
    • Passed out of committee to the full Senate.
    • We submitted testimony on February 6.



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