More 2018 Legislative Updates

Bob Joondeph wearing glasses and smilingEducation

  • HB 4067A: Designates children with developmental delays in the third grade or lower as eligible for special education services.
  • Status: Passed the House and the Senate. It now heads to the Governor’s desk.
  • SB 1522A: Requires school districts to allow students who have received a modified diploma to receive additional educational and transition services. Also makes modified diploma recipients in Youth Corrections Educational Program eligible for transition services and allows modified diploma recipients to be eligible for the Expanded Options Program.
  • Status: Passed the Senate and the House. It now heads to the Governor’s desk.
  • HB 4150A: Directs the State Board of Education to adopt requirements for school district policies on sexual harassment by staff members and students that occurs on or immediately adjacent to school grounds, at any school-sponsored activity, on school-provided transportation or at any official school bus stop.
  • Status: Passed the House and the Senate. It now heads to the Governor’s desk.

Advanced Directives

  • HB 4135: Many people think of health care directives as only addressing end-of-life decision-making. But these directives are also used to make medical and placement decisions when a person becomes incapable as the result of stroke, dementia, or traumatic brain injury. Decisions regarding nursing home and other restrictive placements, admission to psychiatric facilities, and treatment with psychiatric drugs may all be delegated through an advance directive.
  • These are decisions that a person may have to live with for years and decades to come. Because enhancing adults’ ability to control their own care is central to our mission, we’ve been involved in this issue for more than two decades. We contributed to efforts to pass the existing advance directive law in 1989 and the Declaration for Mental Health Treatment law in 1993.
  • We then helped to amend the Declaration law to make its form more usable and intuitive. HB 4135 would do the same for the Health Care Directive by making it easier to use and creating a committee to recommend additional changes.
  • Testimony: We submitted testimony in support of the bill.
  • Status: Passed the House and the Senate. It now heads to the Governor’s desk.

Healthcare Access

  • HJR 203A: Proposes an amendment to the Oregon Constitution establishing an obligation of the state to ensure every resident of state has access to effective, medically appropriate, and affordable health care. Refers the proposed amendment to voters for their approval or rejection at next regular general election.
  • Status: Passed the House, but died in the Senate.

Mobility Devices

  • SB 1532A: Permits four-wheeled motor assisted scooters to be treated the same as motorized wheelchairs for the purpose of motor vehicle laws.
  • Signed into law by the Governor.

Personal Support/Home Care Workers

  • SB 1534A: Most Oregonians want to stay in their homes for as long as they can. If the person experiences limitations in functioning, this may require a well-trained in-home care worker. These workers must also understand that the person receiving the services gets to direct their care and has fundamental rights of safety and privacy. This bill requires the Department of Human Services to establish minimum training standards for in-home care workers.
  • Testimony: We submitted testimony in support of this legislation.
  • Status: Passed the Senate and the House. It now heads to the Governor’s desk.

Mental Health Conditions

  • SB 1543A: Sets forth how a person under PSRB jurisdiction may be returned to custody if the person violates a term of their conditional release.
  • Status: Passed the Senate. Up for a vote on the House Floor on Saturday.
  • SB 1549A: Allows the continuation of medical assistance for up to a year following admission to state hospital.
  • Status: Passed the Senate and the House. It now heads to the Governor’s desk.

Residential Care Facilities

  • HB 4129A: Requires licensing of residential care facility administrators.
  • Status: Passed by the House and Senate. It now heads to the Governor’s desk.


  • SB  1547A: Expands list of health care professionals who can provide medical release to youth athlete who is suspected of having a concussion. Prescribes requirements for health care professionals to be qualified to provide medical release.
  • Status: Passed the Senate and the House. It now heads to the Governor’s desk.


Other bills passed that affect interests of Oregonians with disabilities

Prescription Drug Prices

HB 4005, the prescription pricing transparency bill. Now, if a drug manufacturer wants to increase a drug’s price more than 10 percent they will have to submit a report explaining why. This will increase transparency and accountability for prescription drug prices. The Governor has signed this bill into law.

Domestic Violence

More than 55 percent of female homicides were related to domestic violence last year. Senate Bill 1562 expands the definition of strangulation and elevates it to a felony. House Bill 4145 closes the “boyfriend loophole”, keeping guns away from domestic abusers and stalkers. The Governor signed HB 4145 into law.

Net Neutrality

House Bill 4155 prohibits public bodies from contracting with broadband Internet access service providers that engage in paid prioritization, blocks lawful content or applications, or disadvantages lawful Internet content.







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