APD agrees to temporarily restore cuts to in-home care hours & benefits

Disability Rights Oregon along with our partners at the Oregon Law Center (OLC) and Legal Aid Services of Oregon (LASO) have reached an agreement with the Oregon Department of Human Services, Aging and People with Disabilities (APD) to temporarily restore in-home care hours and benefits to some older adults and people with disabilities.

Who’s Affected

This agreement primarily affects individuals who have lost eligibility or in-home hours after September 30, 2017 and individuals who were in the live-in service program.

By March 4, APD will:

  • Restore eligibility to all individuals who lost eligibility after September 30, 2017.
  • Temporarily restore in-home services hours to all individuals whose hours were cut after September 30, 2017.
  • Approve hourly service plans of not less than 496 hours per month (229 hours per service period) for each individual who was enrolled in the live-in service option as of July 27, 2017.

By February 9, APD will restore services and cancel the hearing for any individual in these three groups who has a hearing scheduled.

Service hours will not be returned to September 30, 2017 levels if the individual has chosen to receive fewer hours because their pay-in would increase.

Eligibility Standards

DRO, OLC, LASO, and APD have agreed to work together to improve the standards APD uses to determine what services an individual gets.


They have also agree to work together to improve the notice individuals get when a service is reduced or terminated. DRO, OLC, LASO, and APD anticipate this process taking until the end of April 2018.

APD will suspend reductions until APD develops and sends improved notices communicating changes to consumers.

Memorandum of Understanding

You can read the full agreement here.


If you are concerned that your services are not adequate, or if you have questions about the agreement, please contact us. You can submit a request through our Intake Office.

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