State unveils new road map for transforming mental health policy

On March 15, the state released a plan for transforming Oregon’s mental health services into “a seamless system with coordinated care [that] allows our loved ones to live to the fullest potential.”

The recommendations provide a framework for fully integrating behavioral health with physical and oral health.

Disability Rights Oregon joined with 50 partners involved in behavioral health care to shape the policy recommendations.

“Every one of us has a friend, a loved one, or a neighbor who has experienced a mental health issue or substance use disorder – and many of us experience these challenges ourselves. While we have made significant progress in Oregon in recent years, and have led the nation in innovation in some important ways, we have much work to do in our transformation of our behavioral health system….The recommendations provide equitable behavioral health services for all Oregonians, and removes the silos that have long hindered an efficient behavioral health system.” –  Lynne Saxton, Director, Oregon Health Authority

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