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Editorials about the work Disability Rights Oregon is doing, and state, local and national disability issues. Written by Disability Rights Oregon Executive Director Bob Joondeph.

A boy working at his desk in a classroom.

Legislative Wrap-Up: Week 2

Every child born in the U.S. is screened shortly after birth for the possibility of hearing loss. The earliest months and years of life offer a limited window of time during which the brain can wire for auditory input to avoid hearing loss. From birth to age three, babies and children can develop those pathways and learn… Continue Reading Legislative Wrap-Up: Week 2

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Legislative Wrap-Up: Week 1

I’m happy to report that the first week of this “short session” wasn’t only action-packed, it also delivered a small, yet important, victory for parents with disabilities: Senate passage of SB 1526A. Bills are moving swiftly through committee and to the floors of each chamber. If one of our legislative priorities would impact your life and you… Continue Reading Legislative Wrap-Up: Week 1

Photo of Bob wearing glasses smiling at the camera.

A heartfelt thank you

Fighting for equality. For people with disabilities, the struggle seems to never end. And yet, while our private and public institutions continue to fall short, we must remember the progress that we, together, have made. For decades, courageous people have spoken truth to power, attended rallies and marches, pushed for new laws, and demanded to… Continue Reading A heartfelt thank you