Bob’s Blog

Editorials about the work Disability Rights Oregon is doing, and state, local and national disability issues. Written by Disability Rights Oregon Executive Director Bob Joondeph.

To Disagree Without Disrespect

Is DRO disrespectful to Oregon State Hospital employees? On the contrary. In this Friday’s Oregon AFSCME e-lert, union spokespeople claimed that DRO was disrespectful to Oregon State Hospital workers.  Our offense was arguing that the voting members of a proposed oversight committee for the hospital should not include those with a direct financial interest in… Continue Reading To Disagree Without Disrespect

Hate Crimes and Bullying

DRO is working on bills at both the federal and state level to protect individuals with disabilities from abuse in schools and the community. The national network of Protection and Advocacy (P&A) organizations (like DRO) is represented in Washington DC by the National Disability Rights Network (NDRN).  Recently, NDRN urged legislators, on our behalf, to… Continue Reading Hate Crimes and Bullying

Advocacy Victory

Advocates preserve $13 million for mental health community housing. While looking over a list of proposed cuts to the state budget last week, I noticed that $6.5 million were slated to be removed from the Community Housing Trust Fund. That is half of the entire Fund.  This was not good. Back in 1999, a Community… Continue Reading Advocacy Victory