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Editorials about the work Disability Rights Oregon is doing, and state, local and national disability issues. Written by Disability Rights Oregon Executive Director Bob Joondeph.

Is Mental Cruelty “Torture?”

A reflection on the debate about treatment of terrorist suspects and how Oregon cares for citizens with mental illness. Recent news reports about the official sanction of, and guidelines for, torture (or, if you prefer, “enhanced interrogation techniques”), brought me back a couple of years to some work I did for the government.  I was… Continue Reading Is Mental Cruelty “Torture?”

A Day at the Legislature

How a lot of running around in circles can get you somewhere. I’m back home from a full day at the state Capitol.  We are three legislative days away from a big deadline.  Any bill that has not moved out of its original committee by the close of business on Tuesday is dead.  This deadline… Continue Reading A Day at the Legislature