Why we need e-scooter accountability

e-scooters parked on the sidewalk

The City of Portland is asking residents with concerns or complaints about private e-scooter companies to submit their complaints to the companies.

We’re deeply concerned that the Portland Bureau of Transportation’s (PBOT) approach to monitoring complaints will result in less transparency, less accountability, and a less effective pilot. This approach could leave the city with more questions about the impact of e-scooters than it will have learned answers.

We’re asking that PBOT create and promote its own accessible complaint process as well as a response time from the city when a consumer makes a report.

Everyone should be able to safely navigate sidewalks throughout our state freely and without fear of being hurt.

Do you have a complaint? You can submit your complaints to PBOT here.

You can read our latest letter to the City of Portland here.

On May 8, Legal Director Emily Cooper and Staff Attorney Matthew Denney did a Facebook Live session about our e-scooter advocacy. Here’s transcript.