Darrin Umbarger, Board Member

Darrin wearing a baseball cap and glasses smiling at the camera.Darrin serves as the CEO of Clearview Medication and Disability Resource Center, a non-profit organization that collects durable medical equipment. Clearview’s Medical Loan Closet provides gently used equipment to individuals in the community of Pendleton for up to a three month loan at no cost to the client.

In June 2017, Darrin helped make the Oregon Statehouse the first in the nation to install a wheelchair charging station. What began as a pilot project in Pendleton to install charging stations quickly grew beyond the town’s borders. Darrin worked with State Senator Bill Hansell (R-Pendleton) and Senate President Peter Courtney to install a charging station in the statehouse.

He developed the station after experiencing being out in public and having dead batteries in his wheelchair. Darrin, who experiences Multiple Sclerosis and uses a wheelchair full-time, hopes that the stations will provide individuals with disabilities more independence and a source of security that they will not be stranded without power to operate their wheelchairs.

Darrin’s working to install the charging stations in federal buildings and other public areas, such as parks, zoos, shopping malls, casinos, and grocery stores. He is a resident of Pendleton, Oregon.