Every person is equal. We reject white supremacy & domination.

Photo of Bob wearing glasses smiling at the camera.There comes a time when we should stand up for what is right. Now is one of those times.

We at Disability Rights Oregon reject white supremacy, racism, and the idea that any individual or group has the right to dominate others. These beliefs are hostile to the values of equality and respect that underpin our work.

We also reject the use of violence and intimidation to achieve political goals – these tactics both harm individuals and undermine the rule of law.

Disability Rights Oregon exists to promote and defend the civil rights of people with disabilities. Honoring our common humanity is a foundation for our vision of the world.  People with disabilities strive to achieve the same goals as other minority groups: recognition and enforcement of equal opportunity, full participation in society, and the inherent human dignity of every person.

Disability rights and other civil rights laws are rooted in a fundamental American ideal: that every person, irrespective of their inherent differences, is equal. Regardless of where we come from, how we worship, how we look, or whether we are differently abled, threats to our common values pose a profound danger to all of us. That’s why we all bear a responsibility to ensure that these values thrive.

We honor those who have lost their lives and those who have suffered injuries at the hands of this unbridled hatred. We join together with millions of others from across the country and across the world in denouncing white supremacy and domination, and in advancing the cause of equality.

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