DRO helps someone get a better guardian

A person contacted DRO because he wanted to change his guardian. Adult Protective Services had already investigated and substantiated neglect complaints against the guardian, meaning they found sufficient proof  that neglect occurred. He was also receiving treatment , and his guardian stopped his counseling against his wishes. The staff at his adult foster care home had found someone who might be a better guardian for him and was willing to do it.
A DRO staff attorney, Jan Friedman, intervened by interviewing his support staff, and reviewing his support plan. Everyone working with this person supported the change and felt it would be positive. He could not afford the court visitor costs and we helped get a court visitor agree to do the work for free. Jan filed the necessary paperwork for a substitution of guardians, and a judge appointed the new guardian. The client was very happy about this change and looked forward to improving his relationship with his former guardian, and getting better support from his new guardian.

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