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Two women sitting outside at a cafe. Over the past 27 years since the ADA was signed into law, many businesses have made great strides in making sure that people with disabilities have equal access to restaurants, businesses, theaters, and stadiums. The ADA was designed to unite the interests of the business community with the interests of people with disabilities.

But a bill that passed the U.S. House of Representatives last month would undo much of that progress.

Creating New Barriers to Upholding Civil Rights

H.R. 620 would neutralize enforcement of the ADA and make it harder for people with disabilities to enforce their rights. The bill would require people with disabilities to give businesses three months written notice to fix a barrier to access.

Business owners who simply don’t want to comply with the law could challenge the adequacy of a notice could in court. And after three months, a business could still ask for additional time without fully fixing the barrier. This means that, even after giving more than adequate notice of the problem, people with disabilities could still be excluded from businesses that choose to ignore the law.

People who live in small towns, where there may be only one option for each type of business, could be especially hard hit. And, businesses that follow the law will suffer if people with disabilities limit their spending because they fear being turned away due to experiences at other businesses.

ADA Provides Tools to Help Businesses

The ADA provides tools and support to businesses that seek to comply with their legal requirements.

  • Federal agencies are required to assist businesses in understanding the requirements of the law at no cost to the business.
  • The ADA National Network has helped millions of businesses to make their stores and offices accessible to more customers.

Share Your Stories: Businesses Open to Everyone 

We want to hear your stories of coffee shops, restaurants, and other businesses in your community that have made their spaces accessible to everyone. Help us share these stories and show that businesses can thrive while they make sure their doors are truly open to everyone.

Tell us here. 

ACTION: Call Your Senator

The bill passed the House. We need to stop the Senate from hearing the bill. Contact your Senator:

  • Urge them to oppose the ADA Education & Reform Act.
  • Tell them that making sure our commercial sector accessible is in the best interests of all Americans.

Call the Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121