Accessible crosswalks, curb ramps and pedestrian crossings

Update, April 2017: 

Read more about our efforts to improve street crossings around Oregon and AOCIL v. ODOT at “Making street crossings safer for all Oregonians.”

If you or someone you know is having difficulty with getting around because of inaccessible curb ramps or pedestrian crosswalks on streets, roads and highways under control of the Oregon Department of Transportation (“ODOT”), we’d like to hear from you.

The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed almost 25 years ago, but often times curb ramp improvements have not been made. Disability Rights Oregon (DRO) is seeking personal stories of experiences about accessibility problems at curb ramps or crossings.

Examples of sites under ODOT control are:

  • Oregon City: 99E 10th Street – Pacific Hwy E (from mile point 12.2 to 14)
  • Beaverton: OR 217 – Sunset Hwy – TV Hwy (miles 0 – 7.52)
  • Tualatin River Bridge: OR 99W Sunset Blvd/ Pacific Hwy W (miles 12-16.67)
  • US 30  Columbia City/Jones Rd: Lower Columbia River Hwy (miles 31.72-37.25)
  • US 30 McNamee Rd: Lower Columbia River Hwy (miles 13.03 – 17.93)
  • US 101: As it passes through Newport, Lincoln City, etc.

DRO is Oregon’s designated Protection & Advocacy (P&A) System, working to uphold the legal rights of people with disabilities. DRO promotes Opportunity, Access and Choice for individuals with disabilities and assists with legal problems directly related to disabilities.  You can contact DRO at 503-243-2081 or 1-800-452-1694, or through our intake form online.

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