Tell Congress: How would Medicaid cuts affect you?

You did it!

Legislation to repeal the ACA and cut Medicaid was pulled from consideration.

Thank you for speaking out and making it clear the AHCA is terrible for people with disabilities.

The outpouring of stories from families with loved ones with disabilities across our state who rely on Medicaid was incredible.

Many in Congress are working quickly to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Medicaid is also slated for deep cuts. Most people in our client community–individuals and families across Oregon–rely on the Oregon Health Plan (Oregon’s Medicaid program).

For people with disabilities, cuts to Medicaid would mean:

  • Losing home and community-based services & supports
  • Waitlists for services that are now more quickly available
  • Losing personal care, mental health, prescription drugs and rehabilitative services
  • More institutions and less community supports

What can you do?

  1. Share your story about the services you need.
  2. Contact your federal representatives.
  3. Spread the word on social media.

Sound good? Find out more below.

How does Medicaid help people with disabilities?

  • People with disabilities have fought for the right to live in the community. Medicaid now helps achieve that right. Caps to Medicaid will limit that right.
  • Medicaid caps will cause deep cuts to services that allow people with disabilities to participate fully in community life.

A person with disabilities may need more medical care, medications, durable medical equipment or habilitation services that others.  Caps to Medicaid will make it harder to get them.

Share your story

Nothing is more powerful than a personal story to persuade people. Stories can help people step into your shoes and truly see what these cuts will mean for people’s lives. Add your name here and we’ll reach out to you to learn more.


Contact your federal representatives

Let your federal representatives know how the Oregon Health Plan helps you. You can reach them at 202-224-3121 or use this link to find their mailing or email adddress. Make it clear that Medicaid caps and cuts will hurt people with disabilities.

Here’s what to say:

I live in your district

I am a person with a disability or I am a family member of someone with a disability or I am a professional in the disability field.

Do NOT restructure or cut Medicaid because it threatens my health, safety and life.

The ACA and Medicaid help me/my family member to have the health care and community based services that I need.

If you need assistance in learning how to get engaged, learn more from the Autistic Self Advocacy Network’s Civic Engagement Toolbox For Self-Advocates.

Set social media ablaze 🔥 

Here are some sample posts to get you started. When you tweet, try to use these hashtags: #SaveMedicaid #NoCaps

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