ODOT has slightly steeper hill to climb in making curb ramps ADA compliant

A truncated dome on a side walk curb ramp

Last year, ODOT data showed 97 percent of sidewalk ramps along state highways were in violation of ADA standards.

Revised Data

This month, ODOT released a revised summary of their curb ramp inventory, which shows the agency has a even steeper hill to climb in bringing curb ramps into compliance:

  • They discovered an extra 1,100 curb ramps across the state, for a revised total of: 27,334.
  • The number of:
    • “Good” ramps fell from 883 to 765
    • “Fair” ramps dropped from 54 to 31
    • “Missing” ramps fell from 4,934 to 4,403
    • “Poor” ramps rose from 25,288 to 26,538

That means ODOT will have to fix an average of 1,700 or so ramps a year for 15 years (roughly 2,000 ramps a year to reach its ¾ mark in 10 years).

We appreciate ODOT finding this under-count. Having an accurate picture of the number and condition of curb ramps along our state highways is crucial for removing barriers to people with disabilities. Meeting ODOT’s target numbers will require that the agency increase its pace.

How You Can Report Accessibility Concerns

This could be an opportunity to remind your listeners that they can still report concerns about ADA accessibility to ODOT and make requests. They can use this form.

Settlement Agreement

More than 20 years ago, the ADA put into law requirements that states must provide accessible curb ramps where pedestrian walkways cross curbs and provide accessible pedestrian crossing signals at curb ramps with traffic lights.

In March 2017, a federal judge approved a landmark settlement agreement —the largest commitment to accessible transportation in state history—between ODOT and disability rights advocates to improve curb ramps and crossing signals across Oregon.


  • ODOT will:
    • Complete curb ramp upgrades at 30 percent of the locations identified in the audit (by December 31, 2022)
    • Complete upgrades at 75 percent of locations (by December 31, 2027)
    • Fix all of the curb ramp locations identified (by December 31, 2032)
  • Following the crossing signal audit’s completion, the parties will negotiate a timeline for making improvements to the crossing signals identified

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