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Below you will find the most recent updates about some of our ongoing projects.


Photo description: A paved path leads to the Oregon State Capitol building.

Legislative Update, week six

What is a legal guardian?  Well, it’s someone who’s been appointed by a judge to make important decisions for a person who is considered unable to make those decisions for them self.  The practice of appointing guardians goes way back to Roman times.  Early English courts adopted it and eventually passed it on to the American colonies with… Continue Reading Legislative Update, week six

A marble sculpture with an inscription that reads: "A free state is formed and is maintained by the voluntary union of the whole people joined together under the same body of laws for the common welfare and the sharing of benefits justly apportioned"

Legislative Update, week four

“Words matter.”  Just look at the front wall of the Capitol building where the words pictured above are carved. Inside the building, everyone who testified on SB 64 in the Senate Judiciary agreed that words matter. We did not agree on whether the words in the bill should pass.  SB 64 would change the term “mental… Continue Reading Legislative Update, week four

Legislative Update, week three

Oregon and New Jersey are the only two states that don’t allow motorists to pump their own gas.  But that may be changing.  The proverbial camel’s nose nudged into tent when the 2015 legislature allowed self-serve in “low-population” counties after 6 p.m. and before 6 a.m.  On Friday, the House Committee on Transportation Policy considered… Continue Reading Legislative Update, week three