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Anais Keenon standing on Broadway wearing a black shirt and smiling at the camera.

Q&A Anais Keenon, part 2

Q&A: Anais Keenon (part 2) This is our second in a two-part interview with Disability Rights Oregon staff member Anais Keenon. In our first interview, Anais explained her role in the Plan for Work program, and shared what launched her involvement in the disability rights movement.  Here, she describes some of her experiences and insights gleaned… Continue Reading Q&A Anais Keenon, part 2

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Groups warn Senators AHCA will harm Oregonians with disabilities

Nine organizations in Oregon concerned about the interests and rights of people with disabilities sent a letter to Senators Wyden and Merkley. The letter urges the Senators to oppose the American Health Care Act (AHCA), and points to the especially devastating impact the bill would have on people with disabilities. Organizations The letter is signed by… Continue Reading Groups warn Senators AHCA will harm Oregonians with disabilities

Legislative Update: Week 18

Upcoming Hearings The following are all Work Sessions. Monday 8:15 am In the Senate Committee on Judiciary, Hearing Room 343 HB 2308A Provides that in the calculation of the maximum period of commitment for a defendant lacking fitness to proceed, the defendant must receive credit for each day the defendant is held in jail unless… Continue Reading Legislative Update: Week 18