People with disabilities may need to prove more often they need Social Security benefits, under new rules

Social Security needs to hear from you.

We need your help to stop Social Security from making it even harder for people with disabilities to access Social Security benefits.

Social Security wants to change its rules for people who receive disability benefits, including Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Most people would have to prove their disability every two years.

Currently, Social Security reviews eligibility for benefits less frequently for these two categories:

  • Every 3 years if medical improvement is possible, and
  • Every 5-7 years if medical improvement is not expected.

Proposed rule change

The proposed regulation adds a category called “medical improvement likely”. Under this category:

  • Reviews must occur every two years, and
  • Reviews are required for people who are not expected to medically improve.

What this means to Oregonians with disabilities.

If Social Security moves forward with this proposal more than two million people will be at risk of losing benefits over the next ten years. People with disabilities that impact their ability to work full-time will be hit the hardest.

DRO submitted 15 pages of comments, urging Social Security to abandon this change. We suggested many ways the proposed rule could be improved.

But we need your support to make sure Social Security hears our message.

What you can do to help.

Social Security is accepting comments from the public until Friday, January 31 8:59 p.m. PDT. Please, take action! The number of people who comment matters—we need your help!

How to take action:

  • Tell Social Security what you think. Submit comments to Social Security by Friday, January 31 at 8:59 p.m. Learn more about the proposed rule here.
    • For help, use this sample comment to submit your views—if you have a personal story about the disability redetermination process, please share it:
Dear Social Security Commissioner Saul:

I am writing about the proposed Social Security rule that would make most people getting disability benefits prove that they have disabilities every two years.

I am very worried about the rule. It can be very hard to get disability benefits. For some people it takes years, and it is a stressful and time-consuming process.

Disability reviews more often will create additional burdens for people with disabilities who cannot work and are struggling with income insecurity. This rule would hurt people with disabilities. Please do not go forward with this rule.

  • Contact your members of Congress. Social Security has to follow the law when it changes the rules. Congress can investigate whether the new rules fit with the law. Ask your members to look into the new rules. You can find your member of Congress here.
  • Spread the Word. Social Security needs to hear from as many people as possible about the new rules. Please share this page with your friends and colleagues, and on social media.
  • Donate. Please donate to support DRO’s work to promote and defend the rights of people with disabilities in Oregon!


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