All of our English language publications are listed here. All Spanish versions can be found on this page but are also linked below. For more on individual topics such as mental health, guardianship or special education, check out our “Need Help?” page.


Handbooks & Guides

Know Your Rights: Disability Rights in Oregon Prisons

Assistive Device Lemon Laws – First Edition

Employment Handbook – 3rd Edition (Spanish version)

FAQ-Family & Medical Leave (Spanish version)

Guardianship Handbook – Third Edition (Spanish version)

Fair Housing Handbook – First Edition (Spanish version)

Involuntary Medication Hearing Handbook – First Edition

Mental Health Law in Oregon – Fourth Edition (Spanish version)

Can I Plan Now For The Mental Health Treatment I Would Want In A Crisis

A Roadmap to Support Services – Third Edition

The Developmental Disability Eligibility Appeal Process

Get Help Understanding How Work Affects SSI and SSDI

DRO-Service Animals

FAQ-Rep Payees (Spanish version)

Social Security Overpayments (Spanish version)

Voting Handbook (Spanish version)

Assisting Voters with Disabilities – a Guide for Family, Friends and Providers

Special Education A Guide for Parents & Advocates – Sixth Edition (Spanish version)

Sterilization of Individuals