Q&A: Amanda’s story

Amanda with family at Levi stadium three years ago watching the Ducks in the Championship game.

Cora Uhrig’s family has been helped by Medicaid. Their daughter Amanda’s medication and health coverage is possible because of this program. 

Where do you live?
We live in Aloha.

Can you tell us a little about Amanda?

Amanda is well known in our little town of Aloha. If I go to the store, post office, water company, or Costco without her,  I’m asked the

same question: Where is Amanda?

Amanda goes everywhere we go, camping, vacations, birthday parties, watching her cousins baseball games, etc. She even went to Chicago to see her brother graduate from Navy boot camp!

Amanda is a blessing to our family. We can learn a lot of her outlook on life! She has no worries, always happy, and gives all of us unconditional love!

Amanda enjoying a walk at Pittock mansion.

How does Medicaid help Amanda?  

Medicaid gives us access to doctors and specialists for Amanda’s epilepsy and kidney issues.

It also covers her medication and Amanda’s seizures are under control.

With a diet change, Amanda’s kidneys are now functioning normally.  A year ago we were looking at dialysis in the near future, but it is no longer an issue.

This gives her a better quality of life!

Access to this health care also helps prevent future pain and suffering and avoid higher medical bills for long-term care.


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