e-scooters parked on the sidewalk

Next month, the City of Portland is set to begin another pilot of the e-scooter program. Today, we sent the City a letter voicing our concerns about how a second pilot could impact people with disabilities. Last year, we heard several complaints from people with mobility disabilities and people who experience low vision who had trouble accessing sidewalks or were concerned about their safety because of e-scooters.

Read Our Letter

To address these concerns, we asked the city to enforce federal and local laws regarding sidewalk accessibility and consider taking a number of steps to ensure compliance with the ADA and existing city code. You can read those in our letter.

Share Your Concerns

It’s important to let the city know about problems you’ve experienced with e-scooters. Submit complaints to their e-scooter complaint form:


Please share this information with friends and family in Portland. #scooterbehavingbadly

[Image description: e-scooters parked on sidewalk, photo via The Oregonian]