Special Ed Connection story on Lane v. Brown

A new article in Special Ed Connections covers the impacts the Lane v. Brown Proposed Settlement Agreement will have on education services, including transition services, employment planning, and mock sheltered workshops.

Read the story here. This article was re-published by FACT Oregon.


“Numerous stakeholders stated that a referral from high school to a sheltered workshop continues to be the most common outcome for transition age youth who seek employment services in Oregon,” it said in a Letter of Findings. “We also received reports that some school districts in Oregon simulate workshop activities in order to transition students with disabilities into workshops.”

Now, the parties have a reached a proposed settlement, and schools are very much involved, including a ban on “mock” sheltered workshops.

That’s essential, according to Roberta Dunn, executive director of Family and Community Together, the state’s parent training and information center.

“For the longest time, families didn’t really become aware of what [it means to have] a robust transition and especially a transition plan that could result in a student’s leaving school employed,” she said. “Even worse, some [IEP teams were] having a student go directly into a sheltered workshop, in essence putting a concrete ceiling over any trajectory that would have resulted in competitive, community employment.”

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