DRO intervention helps people receive their Social Security benefits

If you feel that Safety Net mismanaged your money, please contact us.

DRO, Oregon Law Center, JOIN and other community partners partnered to prevent 1000 people from losing their Social Security benefits by filing a lawsuit after the Social Security Administration shut down Safety Net payee services. A U.S. District Court judge has awarded attorney fees to the plaintiffs.

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Media coverage:

The order ends the legal battle, but the struggle to reconnect Safety Net of Oregon’s 1,000 former clients with the benefits they lost after the company’s March closure continues. About 20 people still lack access to their monthly Social Security checks.

Months after Safety Net closure, struggle to connect elderly, disabled Multnomah County residents with benefits continues (The Oregonian, 7/24/14)


In April, Safety Net was shut down by the Social Security Administration over concerns it was fraudulently mismanaging clients’ funds. Now some clients are still struggling to find out what happened with their money.

Kathy Wilde, litigation director for Disability Rights Oregon, … says that there are two potential ways for former clients to access funds Safety Net was holding for them that haven’t been disbursed. …  But she doesn’t know when either option will produce results and doesn’t expect the situation to be resolved soon.

“It could be months. Could be a year,” she says. “I have no idea what’s going to happen.”

Legal limbo: Safety Net of Oregon’s payee trials continue (Street Roots, 8/07/14)

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