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A little girl smiling as she rides a horse with three adults by her side.

Legislative Wrap-Up: Week 3

Equine therapy can be a life-changing treatment for kids and adults who experience physical disabilities, intellectual and developmental disabilities, or mental health conditions. The nearly 20 centers across our state serve a diverse group of Oregonians – from veterans who experience PTSD to young children who experience behavioral issues linked to their disability. But, Oregon… Continue Reading Legislative Wrap-Up: Week 3

A boy working at his desk in a classroom.

Legislative Wrap-Up: Week 2

Every child born in the U.S. is screened shortly after birth for the possibility of hearing loss. The earliest months and years of life offer a limited window of time during which the brain can wire for auditory input to avoid hearing loss. From birth to age three, babies and children can develop those pathways and learn… Continue Reading Legislative Wrap-Up: Week 2

A toddler boy wearing a blue shirt and a hearing aid after having a cochlear implant.

Q&A: Gavin’s story

Meet Gavin — a 4th grader at Tucker Maxon School in Portland. He’s helping to advocate for HB 4104 — a bill that would make sure that kids with hearing loss have access to the tools that they need to grow their language abilities and interact with their peers. Continue Reading Q&A: Gavin’s story