Our PAIMI Advisory Council

PAIMI stands for “Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness.” Disability Rights Oregon’s PAIMI Advisory Council advises the Board and staff about issues in the mental health community. The Council is comprised of individuals who are or who have been consumers of mental health services, family members, attorneys, mental health providers, mental health professionals, individuals from the public who are knowledgeable about mental illness, and providers of mental health services. The Council is involved in Disability Rights Oregon’s annual priority setting process in getting comments from the community and in providing recommendations to the Board.

If you are interested in serving on the PAIMI Council, please let us know.
PAIMI Council Description
PAIMI Council Application_2018

  • Elizabeth Kimberly (Chair)
  • Connie Olson (Vice Chair)
  • Drake Ewbank (Secretary)
  • Alex Allen
  • Mark Chasse
  • Diane Davidoff
  • Dillan Easley
  • Tim Gage
  • Janet Greenwood
  • Tonya Jones
  • Lisa Murdock
  • Terrance Sharp