Our Staff


head shot of Jake smiling at the camera



Jake Cornett, Executive Director




Headshot of Jamie



Jamie Jones, Director of Operations




Emily headshot



Emily Cooper, Legal Director




Kevin wearing a gray suit and maroon tie



Kevin Rogers, Chief Financial Officer




Head shot of Matthew Denney



Matthew Denney, Attorney




head shot of Jan



Jan Friedman, Attorney




head shot of Lisa


Lisa Rose Gagnon, Intake Advocate





head shot of Joel



Joel Greenberg, Attorney




head shot of Matt Hall



Matthew Hall, Community Work Incentives Coordinator




head shot of jay


Jay Halizcer, Compliance Analyst





head shot of Esther



Esther Harlow, Voting Rights Advocate



Lisa Hennig, Intake Advocate

Head shot of Matt Hoffman



Matthew Hoffman, Compliance Analyst




head shot of Arlene



Arlene Jones, Community Work Incentives Project Coordinator




Head shot of Gordon



Gordon Magella, Attorney




Head shot of Sarah



Sarah Radcliffe, Managing Attorney




Head shot of Susana



Susana Ramírez, Special Education Advocate




Head shot of Tim



Timothy Roessel, PAIMI and TBI Advocate




head shot of Mara



Mara Romero, Intake Advocate




Priscila Rubio head shot


Priscila Rubio, Administrative Assistant





Head shot of Emily



Emily Ross, Community Work Incentive Coordinator




Elizabeth Seaberry, Communications Specialist

head shot of Matt



Matt Serres, Interim Managing Attorney




head shot of Chris



Christine Shank, Managing Attorney




head shot of Tom



Tom Stenson, Deputy Legal Director




Head shot of Isaac



Isaac Stokka, Community Work Incentives Coordinator




head shot of Ted



Ted Wenk, Manager




All Disability Rights Oregon attorneys are licensed to practice in Oregon. Our principal office is located in Portland, Oregon.  Our agency’s work is limited to Oregon, and benefits planning services extend to southwest Washington.